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She is of Cuban descent and made her film debut.

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with the television series Fashion House in as Michelle Miller She also played the recurring role of Detective Jamie Lovato in crime series CSI: NY. She starred in several TV shows that were canceled. after a few times.

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Inshe starred in Netflix fiction. Another TV series in which she appeared include Sons of Sinners, DetroitUnder the Dome, Kingdom, Crossing, Dusk Till Dawn:. Series and so on. He made his film debut in as Death Race. Got fame after playing the role.

She received positive reviews about herself performance. Other films in which she starred are Memoirs of a Magic City, The End. of Watch, The Land, Keep Watching, El Dorado, Broken City and many more.

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She also starred in the short film Battle at Big Rock as Mariana. in In addition to television and films, she has also starred in many musical works.

video too. Are you mad? Are you angry? There's so many different emotions you could go through and this movie has all those kind of different emotions.

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It's a rollercoaster of emotions, actually. I just think it's kind of a whirlwind, this character. And things to believe and to kind of stay normal. At the end of the day, I don't think she has much choice. Certain versions of that.

Sexy ass in jeans k Likes, Comments - Natalie Martinez (@iamnataliemartinez) on Instagram: "????KickASS???? ???E YO? ?EE? #Kingdom O? @netflix YET? ???? ?? @jay_you" Natalie Martinez Is Obsessed with Muay Thai and Might Just Kick Your Ass We talk to the model-turned-actress about her new movie, Self/andalgalaesnoticia.comted Reading Time: 6 mins

We've all hit a point in our lives where we're just like, "What the fuck am I doing right now? The director of this movie, Tarsem, is known for his crazy visuals in movies like The Cell and The Fall.

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Is it all about look when he talks acting? He was pretty keen on emotions and we had a lot of talk. The first scene that [Ryan and I] have when I first see him, you know there were a million and one reactions I wanted to have and a million and one things I wanted to do, and we kind of found a medium where we can do all of those.

Well, it's kind of a mixture of like "You're in shock, you're surprised, but you're confused and you're mad, like, you're happy, but you're scared.

All of it at once. But you do go through those!

Hottest Pictures Of Natalie Martinez. Natalie Martinez is an American model and actress, best known for her role in Death Race, Detroit , CSI: NY, Kingdom, and The I-Land. Martinez was born on July 12, , in Miami, Florida, US. She is of Cuban descent. Martinez attended St. Brendan High School. Martinez graduated from high [ ]Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins Watch Natalie Martinez Kick Ass In the Boxing Ring ?The star of the new Fox police drama APB uses kickboxing to gain a professional and personal edge. Some would call it sweat equity. She calls it Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube

In life, at some point, you're going to go through all of those emotions. We just happen to do it a lot quicker in that scene. You've done a few music videos in your career.

Is that a similar situation?

Tell a story with one look? Back in the day, those music videos, I only did them for fun because my friends were directing it or they were actually the talent in it.

Those were just for fun for me. Anything with Pitbull. He's one of my dear friends, so just hanging out with him has always been a blast.

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There's so much to learn from him and he's such an amazing human being. But also, the modeling and stuff I've just gone with the flow. Opportunities have come up and stuff has come up and I've kind of gone with that. I feel like that does play into my acting, in the sense that I'll be in a scene and I can find a reality in anything.

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It's important to find the truth in what you're doing and going with it. Go with the flow, man. It looked exhausting.

No, it definitely was. Imagine, I'm crying or running throughout the whole movie.

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Both, I'm out of breath! Oh my God, I have a whole filing cabinet of music, of videos, of voice messages, of memories. There were actual scenes where you don't need anything besides the actors and the environment that you have at the moment.

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Yeah, it differs in the mood or moment of what you're doing. Yeah, Coldplay's "Parachutes. I feel like when I have that on my canvas, I can go anywhere. I'm looking at your IMDB page and trying to figure out what you're actually doing next. People forget we're people and not technology anymore.

Natalie Martinez's Sexy Hot Body Gets Extra Beauty attractively looks through her juicy hot big ass. Natalie Martinez is best known for her role as Keyes in Death Race. and

I'm doing a show called Kingdom right now on DirecTV. End of Watch is one of my favorite films I ever worked, and this is a close second. I get to play an MMA fighter. So UFC, MMA fighter, and this is one of my passions. I've been boxing and doing Muay Thai for quite some time now as a hobby.

You know what, I started boxing a long time ago and a friend was doing Muay Thai and I threw a couple kicks and I fell in love. And ever since, I've been training.

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I tried doing Jiu jitsu, but I got hurt rolling on the floor. A neck injury. But other than that, my stand-up game is pretty strong. It's been a passion of mine and now I get to do it in real life, and I'm doing a couple episodes.

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I'm a fighter, I get to fight. So I'm actually really, really excited.

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What's the hardest bit of training that you have to do? Is it just like punching moves and punching bags?

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Muay Thai is the art of eight limbs, so I'm not only punching, but I'm doing knees, kicks, and elbows. It's very active. I'm up for seven rounds, three-minute rounds, so it's a lot of cardio. Very exhausting. Sometimes my hips are just killing me because you're throwing these kicks and your hips are moving, and right now I'm literally covered in bruises.

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