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Nicki denies any plastic surgery and blames it all on the magic of makeup!

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Nicki revealed in an interview with Extra to never having plastic surgery done on her face. She could, however, use some hyaluronic fillers to build up her narrow bridge, to create a more natural appearance, which is done to treat rhinoplasties where too much cartilage and tissue have been removed.

41 Hottest Pictures Of Nicki Minaj. By. Albert. -. October 9, 0. Nicki Minaj uncovered her peachy bum as it gets away from skin-tight dress in a shocking twerking cut. The worldwide rap sensation broke the Internet as she shared a classless snap of herself twerking on a bed in a nearly naked skin-tight dress to her tune Yikes Nicki Minaj's butt is fierce. There are copious rumors of butt implants and questions about the authenticity of the junk in Her Minajesty's trunk. Real or not, that thing basically has its own GPS Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Nicki Minaj Was 'Butt Ass Naked' During VMA Wardrobe Malfunction. Nicki tells Ellen all about her near nip-slip at the MTV VMAs. Christina Garibaldi 09/10/ Fans almost saw a lot more of Nicki

So, do you think Nicki has gotten some work done? Footage of a young Nicki in high school surfaced online, proving that along with being a great rapper she is also an actress. We did cantStopwontStop, goHard, Sunshine, and SweetDreams on my mixtapes.

Nicki Minaj's sublimely shapely ass is a thing of pleasurable interest and is a no doubt a charming side of her pleasingly captivating looks when we talk about her excellence with everything taken into account. With a perfect pair of tight and polarizing booty, Nicki Minaj makes sure to make you keep regarding them for the duration of the day Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins big booty girls in yoga pants. Girls with big round booty and asses. G strings and thongs and booty shorts. Brazilian booty. Nicki Minaj booty. Big Booty in Nicki in vs. Does Nicki Minaj have butt implants? When it comes to her backside, Nicki has been under scrutiny by her peers for years, including fellow female rapper Remy Ma who said

To name a few ," Nicki captioned this throwback pic with her mentor Lil Wayne. Not on that level.

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Not with that precision. Not being cocky.

These are Her Minajesty's best, fiercest butt pics and butt selfies ofbe it new IG pic or a TBT or an FBF. This, ladies, is how you pose when you are blessed from the back. Embrace those curves, girls.

Got 'em? Then flaunt 'em. While wearing a dental floss thong in her fave color, Minaj shows us how her booty is perfectly shaped and likely 'Shopped on her new single cover. It's a mantra: When you've got it, flaunt it.

Nicki minaj nice ass

I would and Nicki Minaj does and should. Minaj's pencil skirt looks painted on and she gives off the sultry secretary vibe, reminding us that being hot isn't always about how much skin you show, but about how much confidence you display and put forth.

Nicki minaj live performance at the Tidalx @Barcley Show from different angles

Here's Miss Minaj and her butt, being all sorts of cheeky. Her patoot is completely covered and she is wearing pantyhose with print, so she's never vulgar and always fashionable when shaking her rump.

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The clingy dress and slicked-back bun aren't crazy or outrageous. The overall presentation is toned down, actually, considering her former bright and crazy style.

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

But she still plays up all of her attributes. She is classy and couture without trying to change her shape or hide it. Here, Minaj and her black and white print show girls with curves how to work a two-piece ensemble without being boring. This clingy cream dress is perfectly suited for girls who want to proudly flaunt that coveted S-shaped figure.

Nicki Minaj is stirring up the internet with her recent social media post. On Monday, the year-old rapper uploaded a video of herself twerking to her song "Yikes" in a skin-tight, almost Look at why, there's no reason. [Verse 1: Nicki Minaj & Detail] Look at y'all smokin' ass niggas. After every pull, niggas start chokin' ass niggas. (You know why) Nigga-nigga. (All, all I know is Nicki spoke to the director as her crew prepared for another butt crush shot. Nicki peeled Speck's weak body from her cheek as she tossed him in the sand. Speck screamed as he tried running. He'd manage to move a couple of inches before the ass would swallow him

Minaj's black gown shows off her insanely enviable "S" shape. And yet again, Minaj exudes enough confidence to power a country.

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The rap vixen has mastered the art of twisting her body and positioning her hand to take a good butt selfie, since she has a ton of practice posing with a protruding butt. The sliced fabric shows a hint of skin and full side view. There is just enough visible skin to be hot without overdoing it.

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