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Divided by the Iron Curtain, united by nudity. Germany's passion for clotheslessness finds its origins in lateth-century health drives when stripping off was seen as part of a route to fitness and sunbathing a possible cure for TB and rheumatism. Inwhile the rest of Europe was still getting feverish over the sight an exposed ankle, Germany established its first nude beach on the island of Sylt.

Barely a decade later, the Berlin School of Nudism, founded to encourage mixed sex open-air exercises, hosted the first international nudity congress. The Nazi era brought mixed fortunes for nudism, its ongoing popularity tempered by a moral clampdown. Laws passed in limited mixed-sex nudism as "a reaction to the increased immorality of the Weimar state.

Nevertheless, it remained popular, enjoying support among members of the paramilitary SS. Rules were softened in but still subject to Nazi prejudices that predictably focused on Jews and other "undesirables. After the war, nudism was equally popular in both German states. Even as the country was being split asunder insome in the West were busy founding the Association for Free Body Culture - an organization that today is part of the German Olympic Sport Federation and the largest member of the International Naturist Federation.

Naked proletariat. Germany's largest Baltic island, Ruegen has five dedicated nudist beaches.

Nudism was particularly popular in East Germany, or German Democratic Republic as it was known. It was secretly considered a form of escape from the uniforms, marches and conformity of the communist state. East Germans were free to practice nudism and did so wherever possible: at lakes, sea beaches and large FKK camping grounds.

There was also, of course, an official socialist institution with a long, uninspiring name. The "Proletarische Freikoerperkulturbewegung" or Proletarian Free Body Movement had 60, members.

Nude scenes in GDR movies appeared long before the first naked people appeared in Hollywood films. The fondness for getting naked on both sides of the Iron Curtain also led to some curious incidents.

GDR border guards were tasked with training their binoculars on the FKK beach just over the border to observe the behavior of naked capitalists.

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Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel was said to have practiced nudism during her youth in the GDR - although it's not been confirmed whether recently unearthed photos purporting to show her swimming and walking naked with friends are the real deal.

When West Germans started to holiday all over Europe, they brought their penchant for letting it all hang out with them. Surest way to them invading from within as we see happening today.

Law Enforcement and FBI corruption. We see what is going on with the F. today - even covering up the recent release of the Hunter Biden emails.

These emails clearly show Hunter, Jim, and Joe Biden and possibly Obamawere involved in extorting foreign governments for money China, Ukraine, Russia. Why are they protecting Democrats and Communists? Biden admitted threatening to hold back U. Aid from Ukraine one of the very things the Democrats wrongly accused Trump of in the Russian lie. As a politician, Joe Biden has taken money from Communist Countries.

Not as a private citizen doing business, but as a sitting Vice President, and as a Senator. Biden says China is not our enemy. This is how foreign governments gain control over our liberty in America.

These types of things make us very vulnerable as a Nation. Biden beating, raping and torturing little girls.

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In points 35, 38 and 39, the Communist plan is also to discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI and peace officers. We are watching this today with our own eyes.

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We have sanctuary cities that cannot be controlled - crime is rampant. We see demands from the Democrats to defund the police. Like Communists, one of the very same things they list is transferring some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies.

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Treating all behavioral problems and their opponents as people with psychiatric disorders, that only psychiatrists or social workers can deal with. Guess where they go? The Red Chinese call them lao gai. Hitler called them concentration camps. Bringing in these social workers and psychiatrists fit with their plan to dominate the psychiatric profession, using mental health laws as a means of gaining control over their opposition.

The next step are the concentration camps, then death.

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In point 42, we see the use of students and special interests for rioting. The only way to attain equal outcomes among diverse cultural groups is through totalitarian means.

He that is a companion of riotous men shameth his father.

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Pr b. Unions and Corporations.

The Naked Communist An outstanding book which covers the movement from its founders to the 60's One might think that the book would be outdated or prejudiced considering when it was written but I found it refreshing and informative Major points in the communist doctrine are presented and rebutted The history of the major players although short were informative and there are many points "The Naked Communist" 45 goals, by Cleon Skousen, On Jan. 10, , Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional Record Nude scenes in GDR movies appeared long before the first naked people appeared in Hollywood films. The fondness for getting naked on both sides of the Iron Curtain also led to some curious andalgalaesnoticia.comted Reading Time: 8 mins

The Communists want to infiltrate and gain control of more unions and big business We see this with the teacher unions. A large majority of unions have typically supported Democrats, although oddly they have not been too good to them.

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The Democrats have been poor performers for the workers in the Unions. Don­ald Trump had the best GOP pres­i­den­tial can­di­date per­for­mance with union house­holds since A lot of the building and construction trades, miners, energy workers, truckers, laborers, teamsters, police, fire and medical are waking up to the agenda of the Democrat party, and the fact the President has been very supportive of them all. Are those with jobs and businesses in Oil, Gas and Fracking seeing the big picture?

Democrats and Communists both want you out of business. Many people do not realize the extreme economic impact this will have on families. Not just gas prices, but a tremendous loss of jobs.

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It will affect Texas, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Colorado, California, North Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming and plenty of other States as well as the the Energy we all consume. And even worse, it will put us right back into a vulnerable situation, dependent upon Hostile Foreign governments for our oil. We cannot do this. That was just the tip of a not-so-cool iceberg. Just like Black Lives Mattersthe Communist and Democrat agenda is also to discredit the nuclear family as an institution.

They encourage the legalization of pornography free speechpromiscuity and easy divorce. They encourage adultery which of course breaks up the family. Communists have always been about Abortion on Deman Abortion till birth and afterand Abortions being funded by our tax dollars. Sadly, many in the Democrat party are also in that same boat CBS reported. The Democratic Party Platform is for Abortion on Demand, see it in footnote Kamala Harris is among all Democrats who voted to let a born alive baby die.

While Biden used to be somewhat pro-life, in about he did a turn around. It may have been for him to be acceptable as a V. Will you be a part of that? God hates the shedding of innocent blood Pr If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; if thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it?

The last part of this series. I try to show in this passage how we as a nation are in the same condition that Israel was in when they turned away from the L The Naked Communist - the Enemies within. Cleon Skousen wrote "The Naked Communist," 1 in order to warn Americans what agenda our enemies had regarding our Republic. And sadly, we have many enemies within America. In , Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional andalgalaesnoticia.comted Reading Time: 8 mins Resumo da lista de objetivos comunistas contidos no livro "The Naked Communist. Impressionante, pois tudo tem se cumprido!

and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works? Pr For obvious reasons, Trump banned Transgenders from entering the military. Recently, Joe Biden spoke about activism and surgery for an eight-year old child, saying he should be able to make his own decision, which would affect him or any child the rest of their lives transgender surgery.

No way they should be making that permanent of a decision. I believe this is why even those who were leftist Democrats or Independents are walking away in disgust. They just cannot go this far. It is utterly opposed to equality of opportunity and equality under the law.

Apr 5, - Explore Alayna Alonge's board "WWII Pictures You'll Probably Wanna Unfollow Me For", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about wwii, holocaust, world war Part 3 of the outline from the Naked Communist written by Cleon Skousen back in on how America is following socialism to its own destruction Somebody had to do it - beautifulthailand99 brings you the first and best North Korean Babes compilation available on You Tube. Repressed the people of the D

Why I personally have voted for Trump. Who pulls the strings behind the parties? Good cop, bad cop - but both do exactly the same thing. Two wings of the same bird. And show me a congressman who is not a mason. And they are all equally satanically evil!

Nude communist babes reserve Here history!

Do you really not realize that? A politician has no power, and the president is president of a corporation. He is a script reader, a hand puppet either on the right or on the left hand. Politics is not real. Both pursue the same agenda. Please wake up.

Nude communist babes

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Watch: Girl assaulted, sexually abused inside college by TMC student wing leader

Redeeming Moments Time spent with the Lord in His Word! October 20, Holly Garcia 4 Comments. END TIMES. Share This. Into The Fire. Book Projects. An SS Trooper Throwing Live Children Into The Furnace, Bynker V2.

Francoise Gilot. Henri Fantin Latour. Movie Posters. David Olere -Polish-born French "Punished in the Bunker" As a Jew, David Olere was deported to Auschwitz, where he was forced to work in the gas chambers and crematorium. His work, based on personal experience, has exceptional documentary value. Needless to say that, in their tragic cruelty, his drawings and paintings are highly explicit.

Les Oeuvres. David Olere -Polish-born French "Clearing Out The Gas Chamber" As a Jew, David Olere was deported to Auschwitz, where he was forced to work in the gas chambers and crematorium. Never Again.

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Lest We Forget. The Victim. Before Us. Ww2 History. Military History. Einsatzgruppen: The Nazi Killing Squads. Lest we forget - execution. Forgetting The Past. Anne Frank. Oliver Stone Wants To Put Hitler Into 'Context' Because Jewish Dominated Media Made Holocaust America's Focus.

Mengele Dr. Death prepares to 'operate' on a child at Auschwitz. Cemetery Angels. Cemetery Art. Between Two Worlds. Political Art. Sculpture Art. Fine Art. The Holocaust Memorial. Miami Beach. World War.

Interesting History. The Past. Log In or Sign Up to View. On 2 Julymost of the children of Lidice, a small village in what was then Czechoslovakia, were handed over to the Lodz Gestapo office. Those 82 children were then transported to the extermination camp at Chelmno 70 kilometers away. There they were gassed to death. This remarkable sculpture by Marie Uchytilova commemorates them.

Holocaust sad neverforget. Who Is My Neighbor. Warsaw Ghetto.

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Life Images. Unspeakable horror. ineffable sadness. Mystery Of History. Old Photos. Auschwitz, Poland, Corpse of a woman who died of starvation, after the liberation.

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War Photography. Vintage Photography. Old Pictures.

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