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To demonstrate, she asked me to repeat what she taught me. However, when the next day I asked the girls - now for real - for the keys, they have hesitated and started searching the house for them. I could not hold it back and pissed myself. Susan told me that she had a better idea: she wanted me to start wearing diapers which were cheaper to buy for her than the specially padded briefs.

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I was being diapered during the week every day. On Monday and Tuesday, Susan put the diapers on me, from Wednesday, she has started asking the girls to do it. I cried and tried resisting every single time that week. As a result, I got spanked about 4 times.

I have also taken the diaper to school, where I tried hiding it as much as possible. Being afraid of Lydia telling everyone, I have barely gone to the toilet. As a result, I have pissed myself a little at times, but none of my teachers have fortunately noticed. On Sunday, I was laying on the bed, bare naked, my legs in the air. Susan was holding my legs, while my sisters were putting the diaper on me. I started crying harder than ever asking Susan to let me wear normal briefs instead of diapers.

Mommy, please.

  The girls spent a few minutes debating who should sit next to me on the way back. This was probably the only Sunday, I did not get a suppository. Week 9 - Sickness and taking the temperature rectally. On Tuesday morning, I felt really sick. Susan decided to keep all of us at home   Tigra. The Comic-Book Character: Unusually, Greer Grant Nelson was already a costumed crime-fighter, The Cat, before she became a superhero. But she was transformed by Author: Simon Kinnear   The Naked Girls of Naturally Naked Nudes (Video ) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more

From tomorrow, you can wear normal underwear again. I was relieved to hear this.

I made sure to mess the diaper properly that Sunday. On Monday, I was given normal underwear. The same afternoon, Susan has surprised me with a potty. She told me that she is proud of my progress and instead of pooping in the diapers or pants I can just use the potty now. I got a big tab of chocolate as a reward which I finished eating in less than 5 minutes. Instead, I have to use the potty for both number 1 and 2. During the last week, I have an accidentally broken glass when helping to pack, but mom did not spank me for it.

On Sunday, they placed the potty in the middle of the room, they asked me to get naked completely and sit on the potty while holding the teddy bear. I could not go to the toilet, so Susan has asked the girls to walk up to me and give me a suppository.

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After they have inserted it, I had to sit there for another 5 minutes before releasing. On Monday, as a consequence of me breaking the glass the week before, Susan told me that she felt I was not quite ready for proper drinking glasses. She handed me a plastic baby bottle. Every day I have used that to drink at home. I was also not allowed to take off the top, so I had to suck on it.

On Saturday, she has woken us up with great news: we are getting out of the house today! After breakfast, she told us that she has organized a hike. She wanted to take us there. For the road, she prepared a bottle of sweet tasting smoothie for me.

I obliged and emptied it before arriving at the hiking trail. To get to the lookout point we had to walk for about an hour both ways.

About 45 minutes in, my tummy started cramping badly.

I stopped and told everyone that I have to go to the toilet. In about a minute explosive diarrhea hit me. This was probably the result of whatever it was in the smoothie.

Liquid poop filled up my underwear, escaped it through the legs then rolled down my pants, turning everything under my waist brown. I kept crying quietly. Initially, the others did not mind, but when we reached the lookout point, the girls have probably started smelling my mess too.

Could you change him? We have some water and a spare towel in the car. We will do it there. We spent only about 5 minutes at the lookout when Susan had enough of the girls complaining and we head back to the car.

I was devastated and everyone is looking at me. At the car, she made me take off my pants. Then she took out a bottle of water and poured it all over my bum and legs.

Afterward, she placed a towel around me and told me to sit in the car. The girls spent a few minutes debating who should sit next to me on the way back. Susan has measured my temperature several times during the day and told me that it does not indicate fever. However, when she touched my forehead, she felt I was crazy feverish. She gave me some pills first, but I remained sick and shivering.

I need to take your temperature rectally. Turn around and pull down your pants. She sat next to me and explained that I have to have my temperature taken rectally, otherwise I will end up in the hospital. After a few minutes of convincing, I let her insert the thermometer and take my temperature from behind. The rectal thermometer did show that I have a fever. Susan has asked me to lay still and disappeared for a minute. When she returned, she had a suppository in her hand. I got one more medication before going to bed.

The next day Susan woke me up with another painkiller suppository - I was still half asleep when she gave it to me. After this we had breakfast and she took me to the doctor. At the doctor, she explained that I was puking out every pill she gave me and she was not sure what to give me.

He was puking while he was asleep. In the end, she achieved what she set out to the doctor prescribed me even more suppositories against puking and fever. When we got home, she took my pants off and spanked me very hard. After getting multiple suppositories, I started feeling better the following day.

On Sunday, Susan told me that from now on, she will take my temperature rectally every week. I have also received a glycerin suppository afterward. I was very constipated that Sunday and messed myself in 2 minutes.

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She told me that I should wear the skirt instead of the pants since it is much harder to make the skirt dirty. A new wave of embarrassment stuck me as she put the skirt on me. Now you are one of my girls. During the week, I have also noticed that I started enjoying the cartoon the girls were watching. Lily, me and the other girls were watching the cartoons together from that point. On Sunday, I was put on a skirt right in the morning along with some pink top and a blue padded brief.

When I have asked for the suppository, mom put me on her lap facing down, lifted my skirt up and pressed a suppository inside me with relative ease. She followed this up with a rectal thermometer.

By the time we finished, I really had to go. I was getting used to the skirt very fast this week. I have regularly danced around spinning and enjoying the skirt floating. My sisters clapped their hands together and encouraged me to spin even more. I even started missing wearing skirts when I was in school, where I still had to wear pants.

When we got home, I have regularly asked mom to fetch me the skirt so I can be her girls again. to which I have nodded vehemently. In the playground, we met our neighbor who asked mom about my skirt.

Mom was so satisfied with me on the playground, that I have received two tabs of chocolate!

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I finished them within the hour. On Sunday, I felt full of energy. At Sunday breakfast, I wanted to jump out and do exercises in front of everyone. Then I ran around our garden a few times in my pajamas, holding Lily, the teddy bear. I think you are having a sugar rush. Mom led me into the bedroom and told me to get back in y bed. I got my expected suppository from her, but I did not feel any urge at all to go to the toilet.

Instead, I started feeling really tired, almost fell asleep. I sensed mom and the girls entering the room and carefully placing a towel under me.

I felt absolutely powerless - barely awake - so I did not resist at all. To my surprise, I felt a warm liquid entering me and filling me up, creating an urge I have never had before - not even with the strongest suppositories! I did not take me much effort to start pushing. I have heard the girls start a discussion soon afterward, which I barely understood. I felt relieved but also really dirty for a few minutes.

I have completely dozed off at this point. I woke up later feeling fresh and relaxed. For some reason, I was very happy about this. I called Susan mom all week and acted as a good girl. I have also regularly peed and pooped in the potty.

She seemed to be very happy with me.

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On Saturday mom called some guests over again. Moms from all around with their sons and daughters including some of my classmates were coming. She has allowed me to wear skirts but she has changed her mind in the last seconds. When the guests showed up and saw me carrying a baby bottle, she explained to the guests that I am not be trusted with glasses. Later in the party, she refilled the plastic bottle with orange juice - my favorite drink!

I only realized this when I tried jugging the bottle and the head fell off pouring all the OJ over me. I got really upset and started crying in front of everyone. Mom took me to the bathroom, took all my clothes off and dried me with a towel. She did not get me any new clothes, instead, she grabbed my hand and lead me out to face everyone naked. Al the moms, the kids, my classmates, and my sisters looked astonished and burst out laughing when they saw me naked.

Let me give you something that will help you to sleep. I made a screech but then I sealed my mouth shut.

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I should not bother the guests. School holidays were coming and I did not care about the people laughing at me or behind my back because of what happened.

I just wanted to be at home with mommy. Every single day when mommy came to school to pick me up, I ran shouting in her arms, showering her with kisses.

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At home, I ran in trying to find Lily as fast as possible. Afterward, I have asked mommy to put the skirt on. I have also helped mom to clean up the kitchen after each dinner.

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I sat on the potty almost every day and if I was successful, I have delivered the good news to everyone in the house. Mommy looked very happy and gave me a bar of chocolate almost every day as a reward for being such a good girl.

But but I need to go to the potty first. Mommy took my panties off and give me a suppository while gently scratching my head. Mommy reached with a huge smile.

A few minutes later I was trotting along mommy towards the playground in my shiny diaper. It only took longer - 20 minutes - for the suppository to start working.

I was on the playground - watching mommy discourse with a stranger. I did not want to bother her and decided to mess my diapers there. I will be at the swings. Mommy let out a laugh and spent another 10 minutes talking to the stranger.

Afterward, she grabbed my hand and walked me home to change. Druid, Doctor Droom. Founding West Coast member as Iron Man. Rejoined as War Machine in Avengers West Coast 94 May Accepted membership after assisting West Coast team, but left before official vote was taken.

Gained full membership in West Coast Avengers vol. Firebird a. Given reserve status after assisting West Coast team. Recruited by The Captain for East Coast team, but presumed killed before official vote was taken.

Presumed killed in Avengers October Returned in Eternals vol. Mister Fantastic. Appointed to West Coast team by government.

Left during UN Charter, [17] and later gained official membership. Originally given probationary status in Avengers Annual 18 Former member of the Secret Avengers and the Invaders.

Given reserve status as caretaker of Avengers Island. Joined as a reserve member. Never gained full membership. Current member of the Frightful Four.

Status revoked in New Warriors Removed from roster in X 4 Originally given probationary status in Avengers August Thunderstrike a. Active as Thunderstrike in Avengers Promoted to full status in Avengers vol. Formerly a teacher at the Avengers Academy. Former member of the New Warriors. Retired in Civil War: Front Line 2. Former member of the New Warriors and the Young Allies. Currently a member of the X-Men. Jack of Hearts. Gained full membership in Avengers vol. Died in Avengers vol.

Revived in Marvel Zombies Supreme 2 Seemingly killed by a zombie Jack of Hearts under influence of the Scarlet Witch in Avengers September Rescued moments before his apparent death by the Young Avengers and brought several years into the future by the Scarlet Witch in Avengers: The Children's Crusade 5 June Captain Britain.

Made an honorary member as Kelsey Leigh, and a full member as Captain Britain. She is one of only two members, the other being Henry Pym, who have Avengers status in both their civilian and superhero guises. Former leader of the New Avengers. Former leader of the Mighty Avengers. Current member of the Savage Avengers and X-Men. Former member of the main Avengers team and the Avengers Unity Squad.

Maintained simultaneous membership in the Avengers and the X-Men. Became a member of the Mighty Avengers after the Civil War and the Dark Avengers during Dark Reign. Went rogue in Siege 3 before being killed in Siege 4. Echo a. Ronin, Phoenix.

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Joined as Ronin in New Avengers 11 ; active as Echo in New Avengers 27 Killed in Moon Knight vol. She has since mysteriously returned from the dead and returned to the team in Avengers Current host of the Phoenix Force. Amadeus Cho a. Mastermind Excello, Hulk. Helped assemble a new Mighty Avengers team after the beginning of Dark Reign.

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Jocasta was previously granted provisional status in Avengers vol. She left the team before she was to be offered substitute status with the team, in Avengers vol. Winter Soldier. Originally joined the New Avengers in New Avengers vol.

Former members of the Secret Avengers.

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Left the Secret Avengers[29] to participate in The Thanos Imperative. Presumed killed in The Thanos Imperative 6. Revealed to be alive in Nova vol. Current member of - andalgalaesnoticia.coms of the Galaxy.

Killed and replaced by a Life Model Decoy in Secret Avengers vol. Iron Fist a. Power Woman a. Jessica Jones, Jewel, Knightress. Originally joined as Jewel in New Avengers Annual 3 December Left the main team in Avengers vol. Former member of the West Coast Avengers as Marvel Boy. Originally joined in New Avengers vol.

Current reserve member of the main Avengers team. Former member of the Thunderbolts. Agent of S. and former member of the Secret Warriors. Uncanny Avengers 1 October Sunspot a. Citizen V. Former leader of the U. Avengers as Citizen V. Former member of the main Avengers and the U. Avengers and current member of the X-force. Former members of the main Avengers team. Isabel "Izzy" Kane [31]. Current member of the Squadron Supreme. Former member of the Avengers Unity Squad.

Killed in New Avengers vol. Star Brand.

Hawkeye. Kate Bishop utilizes her notable combat abilties to fight the good fight, whether as a Young Avenger, alongside mentor Clint Barton, or on her own. Overview. In Comics Profile   Jane Foster has also earned a place on this list, though she wasn't an Avenger for very long. While she was a superhero she carried the name Thor (though many call her Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Avenger Girls Today, we celebrate our military and recognize these trailblazing women who served as civilians and decades later, were granted military service recognition as Veterans. We are so grateful to you brave women for putting aside agendas and honoring the call to serve and risking your lives

Alexis The Protector. Former member of the Avengers A. Ronin a. First appeared as "Spider Hero". Revealed as Blade in Mighty Avengers vol. Former member of the Mighty Avengers and the Ultimates. Former students at Avengers Academyformer members of the Heroes for Hire. Former members of the Avengers Idea Mechanics. Originally offered membership by Thor in Avengers Vs. X-Men 12 December Brother Voodoo a. Doctor Voodoo. Current member of the Savage Avengers. Former members of the Avengers Unity Division.

Ghost Rider. Posthumously awarded honorary membership. Honorary founding member of the West Coast team. Status given in flashback taking place before West Coast Avengers vol. Wife of Namor; honorary member while he served on the team. Made honorary member after assisting an East Coast reserve team. Returned to life in Chaos War: Dead Avengers 1 January Given honorary status in Avengers June Restored to life in Chaos War: Dead Avengers 5.

A clone of Madame Masque. An alternate adolescent version of the original from reality Replaced him for a time and then merged with the original Stark.

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Died in One Month To Live 5 September Awarded honorary membership by Captain America. Posing as Nebula at the time, and better known as Terminatrix. Started placing the East Coast division under mind control as of May Unofficial leader as of August Reported MIA minutes later. East Coast division consequently disbanded November Skrull who replaced the kidnapped Barbara Morse as Mockingbird in order to infiltrate the team, as revealed in a retcon in Secret Invasion 8 January She was slain by Mephisto in Avengers West Coast Novemberalthough her ghost or spirit has been seen a few times since [40] True name revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z 1 Softcover in the ates section.

Infiltrated the team as a representative of the Gatherers. He impersonated the Vision, and was seemingly destroyed by Proctorbefore being defeated by Vision. Joined the Mighty Avengers Initiative team in Mighty Avengers 7 November Revealed in New Avengers 42 August to have been a Skrull. Killed by Norman Osborn in Secret Invasion 8 January Joined the Mighty Avengers in Mighty Avengers 1 April Revealed to be a Skrull in Mighty Avengers 13 May Killed by the real Hank Pym in Secret Invasion 8.

Joined and assembled the Mighty Avengers in Mighty Avengers 21 March Revealed in Mighty Avengers 29 November Infiltrated the Secret Avengers as a Life Model Decoy impersonating Eric O'Grady. Supposedly destroyed alongside the other Descendents. Otto Octavius switched bodies with Peter Parker. Due to a body swap that occurred during The Amazing Spider-ManPeter Parker was replaced by Otto Octavius as Spider-Man on the Avengers, with the other members unaware of the switch.

Under probation after The Superior Spider-Man 8 for various violent acts. Left team in The Superior Spider-Man 26 to avoid an incriminating brain scan. Peter Parker later regained his body and subsequently became a member again.

Hydra Supreme Steve Rogers Alternate version of Cap created by Kobik. Due to Kobik's warped view of the world thanks to the Red Skull's upbringing, when Kobik restored Steve Rogers to health, she "improved" him by altering his history so that he was always a HYDRA deep cover agent. Her memories of the real Cap she contained within herself. Eventually realizing her creation was a monster, Kobik freed and restored the true Captain America, who defeated his evil doppelganger.

Infiltrated the Avengers under the guise of a forgotten founding member of the team on the orders of her father, the Grandmasterbefore turning against him and making amends with the Avengers.

Former member of the X-MenNew Mutantsand Avengers. Maintains membership in both the New Avengers and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Former member of the Secret Warriors and the main Avengers team. Former member of the Marvel Knights, Heroes for Hireand the main Avengers team. Founding member of the Young Avengersson of the Scarlet Witchfiance of Hulkling. Founding member of the Young Avengersson of Captain Marvel and Anellefiance of Wiccan. Former member of the Great Lakes Avengers.

Former member of the Mighty Avengers and Heroes for Hire. Former leader of the Ultimates. Miss America. Spectrum a. Captain Marvel, Photon, Pulsar. Former member of Occupy Avengers team and the Wolfpack. Former leader of the Avengers Idea Mechanics and U. Former member of Avengers Idea Mechanics and U. Former member of the Avengers Idea Mechanics and U.

Enigma a. First appeared in West Coast Avengers Vol. Current member of the Savage Avengers and the X-Men. Former member of the main Avengers team, Avengers Unity Squad and the New Avengers. Former member of Code Red, Thunderbolts and Heroes for Hire. Former member of Code Red, Thunderbolts, The Hand and The Chaste. Conan the Barbarian. Former member of the Avengers Unity Squad and the Midnight Sons.

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