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My good friend who returned from his mission at the same time I did and I went around visiting some of our old ward members who now lived in Provo, and one of those was a sister from my home ward who worked in the Harris Fine Arts Center.

As we were talking, she kept kind of looking at me funny, as if she were sizing me up or something. Then she asked me if I wanted a job.

It was recessionary times sort of like nowand I did need a job. So what was the job?

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A model for the art department. She was the department secretary. What did I know? As I recall, it was on the fifth floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center. There was a little locker room to change in; it was just like the little locker room at the hospital I worked at before my mission where I would change into surgical scrubs I sterilized surgical instruments for about six months pre-mission. Basically I just took my clothes off, slipped on a speedo which the department issue and put on a robe.

Yes, a speedo. If art students want to draw nudes, they have to make special arrangements and do it off campus. Seems quite silly to me, but whatever. So basically when class started I would walk into the classroom, take off the robe, and the professor would tell me how he wanted me to pose for that session. And then the students would start their drawing. As I recall, I got something like a five-minute break every half-hour.

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The classes lasted three hours. It was actually much more difficult than I imagined.

19/05/  And one of the students in one of the classes was a girl from my new off-campus ward. So that was a little awkward at first, subjecting that poor sister to my mostly naked body in class. It didn't bother me at all, but I felt sorry for her. It was also kind of weird to go to a student art show and see lots of drawings of myself mostly naked. But when you sit there basically naked for such 03/11/  I love a naughty Mormon! absurd point [deleted] pm, 3 November I recently met a married lady that is married in the Temple. I met her on another website and we started talking on yahoo messenger and decided to share pics, well being the exhibionist that I am I just had to share a pic of my thich stiff cock! 26/01/  Feeling naughty is a part of life. And I learned at a young age that Grandma's can be naughty too! When I was in college my widowed grandmother got a "boyfriend". She stayed out all night one night and her sister who she was staying with at the time LOCKED HER OUT!. She was evidently jealous! LOL They were always quite the pair of squabbling sisters

I originally thought being a model would be a cushy job; just sit there for three hours. As the time progresses you kind of feel your blood stopping in its circulation. It takes an act of will to sit there for a half-hour without moving. All in all it was an ok job.

Was it awkward? Sure, at first. Being basically naked in front of a mixed group of strangers in the BYU context is definitely weird.

And one of the students in one of the classes was a girl from my new off-campus ward. So that was a little awkward at first, subjecting that poor sister to my mostly naked body in class. It was also kind of weird to go to a student art show and see lots of drawings of myself mostly naked. But when you sit there basically naked for such long periods of time, your reserve melts away pretty quickly, and the awkwardness went away quickly enough.

This is one of the quirkiest BYU stories I have ever heard of, and it brought a big smile to my face. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea such shenanigans occured on campus, which is probably for the best.

consider, that

And those Kevin Barney Nudes are worth how much today? And how much more if signed by the model? I have no idea what Kevin looks like, but all I can think of is Jason Giambi in that gold thong.

I LOVE it Kevin!!

Life drawing is simply the best. An ex-gf at BYU briefly attended a school in Washington State, where they would use just a sock. And my wife took an art class at North Texas, which was full nude. Her first day, she got to sit directly behind the year-old female model and draw. She said that was when she appreciated BYU a little more.

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There were real nudes in the Springville art museum once a week and lots of BYU art students would go there to practice the real thing. I had a friend who modeled there occasionally.

Some of my favorite models for drawing from were the less-than-perfect; the older models and the heavier models were a challenge, and I loved that. Imagine paying to do what Kevin did, with a sock, but in a chamber like a Star Trek transporter that emits bright laser light.

Pity, that naughty mormon girls opinion you commit

Cute story Kevin. Do you have one of those drawings of you? I was at BYU in I used to like to go to the Harris FIne Arts Center and enjoy looking at the various student art work.

I remember the almost nudes. I was glad at the time BYU was so modest. Just think, I probably saw a likeness of you.

me wonders if Kevin misses the old days?

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If he was so used to it then, would he be so now? Wow, things really are getting tough in the US these days. My sister was a model for the art department, so when I got to BYU she was telling me what an easy job it was. Probably it was because I am not sculpted like Kevin.

I might have been offered such a position when I was a college student; I certainly would not be offered it now - unless students like Tracy M really wanted to practice on more-than-not-so-perfect physiques. Much more progressive than I would have imagined back then. You mentionned sitting still for three hours at a time. Did you ever get stretch breaks to move a little, ie to help prevent risk of blod clots?

yeah you were young but even young people can get a clot by not moving for prolonged times. Kevin, what I want to know is whether the students drew the speedo into the drawing.

THINGS Mormon Girls Say

It would be strange to see drawings at an art show of a naked man in a speedo. Did they cover that area with some artful shading? Place a fig leaf in your hand? Draw you standing behind a table? Mike 17, what a nice thing to say. nita 19, yes, I got stretch breaks every half hour, and I used the time to try to get the circulation going again.

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Katie 21, my recollection is that the students just drew the speedo as part of the drawing. Maybe I would sign it and let Affirmation auction it off or something grin. Better still, perhaps a competition to see who could raise more money.

The calendar could compete with a video produced by another site:. OK, enough joking around. I have to get ready for work.

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