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GapFit Kids Strappy Tank Top. Kids Open-Front Cardigan. Kids Uniform Elongated Cardigan Sweater. Teen Dolman Cropped Denim Jacket. There are men out there who prefer women with thick legs and there are men out there who prefer very skinny women. In the past, that was seen as shocking and some people thought that the world was going downhill because women were showing their ankles.

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A troubling number of teens and young girls are treating a thigh gap in an unhealthy way, fasting and possibly developing eating disorders. Your thighs do not say anything about you.

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Do not let anyone tell you what to do. Ask for help if you think that your quest for a thigh gap is turning unhealthy.

If you are after a thigh gap, but the only way you feel you can get there is starving your body of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, please ask for help. Anorexiabulimiaand other eating disorders are serious to your physical health and mental well-being.

Especially during your teen years, not getting enough food can have serious health consequences. It affects brain development, heart function, and even reproductive health in a bad way. Pay attention to these signs that your eating may be turning into a disorder. Do you feel powerful when you skip meals? Do you lie about how much you eat?

Are you deathly afraid of gaining weight?

Teenage Girls Face Another Body Image Obsession. More. "Thigh gap" refers to the space in between one's thighs when standing with your feet together. | 03/25/ Read Full Story Gap has girls' jeans in your favorite fits from jeggings and skinny jeans to high rise jeans. Find jeans for girls in a range of washes and special details A troubling number of teens and young girls are treating a thigh gap in an unhealthy way, fasting and possibly developing eating disorders. Don't let the prospect of a thigh gap make or break you. Your thighs do not say anything about you. Do not let anyone tell you what to do. 4. Ask for help if you think that your quest for a thigh gap is turning unhealthy. If you are after a thigh gap, but

Is your self-worth primarily derived from your body weight? Go to source If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, see a medical professional or talk to someone who can help you right away. If you do decide to achieve a thigh gap, use a combination of healthy dieting and exercise.

Try to slowly chip away at any excess weight through a combination of diet and exercise until you hit your doctor-recommended BMI. If you still have not gotten a thigh gap, it may not be possible given your genes and bone structure.

Even with exercise, it's impossible to target just one area on your body, such as your thighs.

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This myth is called spot training. You cannot tell your body to burn fat from a particular area on your body just by working it out. Part 2 of Remove junk food. Instead of restricting your intake, try focusing on eating healthy items that fuel your body and do not satisfy your sweet tooth.

Consider cleaning these items out of your diet: Trans-fats: These sneaky fats contribute to heart disease and high cholesterol, and are abundant in fast food, processed snack foods such as potato chipsfried food and shortening or margarine.

If you are not sure, check out the nutrition facts. Sugar: Processed sugar packs many calories without much nutritional benefit. Do not use artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame or saccharine in your beverages, as some recent studies have shown possible dangerous side effects of these products e.

some artificial sweeteners found in Diet drinks can increase your risk of a heart attack. Instead, try substituting unsweetened applesauce for sugar in recipes.

Fill up on fiber.

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Not only is fiber good for you, it takes a while to digest and will fill up more space in your stomach, resulting in feeling less hungry. Whole grains: Reach for brown grains instead of white ones: whole-wheat bread, brown rice, wheat tortillas, and wheat pasta.

Eat nuts and beans. Try black beans, almonds, pistachios, pecans and lentils. Include some superfoods into your diet. Some say they require your body to burn more calories to digest than the foods themselves contain The jury is still out regarding the effectiveness of superfoods regarding weight loss, but many of these foods are part of a healthy diet, anyway, so you do not have much to lose by choosing them over other higher calorie alternatives.

Superfoods that might be worth adding to your diet include: Apples, goji berries, blueberries, and pomegranates Eggs, lentils, almond butter, salmon, and sardines Oats, buckwheat pasta, and quinoa Kale, chiles, tarragon, and avocado Low-fat plain yogurt, and parmesan cheese Olive oil.

Avoid overeating. If you are eating a healthy diet, but still feel like you are not quite where you would like to be, review what you are consuming every day.

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Even small restrictions, like eating fewer calories per day, can lead to safe, gradual weight loss. Keep a food diary. You can write it down the old-fashioned way and look up calories online, or use an app like MyFitnessPal or Spark People.

Whatever you choose, try to be consistent. Figure out your basal metabolic rate BMR. This will tell you how many calories per day you burn simply by existing. This allows you to calculate your daily calorie burn rate much more accurately. It is unhealthy to eat below your BMR, but you can try eating 1.

Try cutting your calories in by about to from what your calorie out is. Make sure to count accurately, as that is the main failing point of most diets. For more help, see How to Calculate How Many Calories You Need to Eat to Lose Weight. Move past mistakes.

If you give in to temptation, do not be discouraged!

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Everyone slips up once in a while. Simply resolve to get back to your healthy diet. Part 3 of Try butterfly stretches.

Sit down on the floor, with your back straight and upright. Bend your knees outward, and put the soles of your feet together.

Draw your feet as close to your pelvis as you can without straining, and try to lower your thighs so they are parallel to the ground. Hold for five to 10 seconds. You might need to hold your feet with your hands to do this stretch.

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That's OK! Be gentle. You may have seen people doing this stretch by flapping their knees vigorously up and down, like butterfly wings, but that is a quick way to injure yourself.

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Instead, aim to keep your movements slow and precise. Do a butterfly stretch before you start working out your thighs - it'll help loosen them up and prevent muscle tears. Do Pilates leg lifts. Lie down on your left side, with your head either resting on your left arm or supported by your left hand. Bend your right knee, and lift it over your left leg so your right shin is resting on the floor.

Keep your left leg straight as you breathe out and lift a few inches, and then inhale as you lower it. Do three sets of 10 repetitions on each side. Try to keep your torso as straight and still as possible as you lift your legs. Move slowly. You will notice the slower your movements are, the more they will work your thighs.

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If you have a back injury, clear this exercise with your doctor before doing it. Do inner-thigh presses. You can do this exercise sitting at your desk, or try a more complicated version on the floor: Sitting press: Sit up straight in your chair, with your back straight and your abs pulled in. Place a towel, pillow, or other small object between your knees.

Squeeze it between your knees as tightly as you can, and hold for a few seconds.

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Do 20 repetitions. Bridge press: Lie down on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart. Put something like a pillow, towel, or other soft object between your knees.

Lift your pelvis until you are in bridge position that is, the line running from the back of your knees to your shoulders is as straight as possibleand squeeze the object between your knees as tightly as you can.

Do 20 repetitions before lowering yourself back to the ground. Get aerobic exercise.

You should aim to get 30 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise at least 3 days a week. Not only will these exercises keep you healthy and help you slim down, they will also tone up your legs in the process. Running, walking briskly, climbing stairs, biking, swimming, and dancing can all help you slim down your legs. If you enjoy your workout, you will be more likely to do it regularly. Try doing interval training where you do a short period of strenuous exercise, such as sprints, before resting for a similar amount of time.

Avoid exercises that bulk up your legs. These include squats, lunges, leg curls, and calf raises, among others. While these exercises are great for building muscle and toning up, they will not slim your legs down or help you achieve a thigh gap. You don't have to avoid these exercises, but do them in moderation. Focus instead on cardio exercises that work your entire body.

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Part 4 of Slip on shapewear. If you need a thigh gap by tonight, then your best option is to try on thigh-slimming shapewear. Your best options are a good pair of tights with a control top and a snug body shaper.

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