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If Christians actually had love in their hearts - not just love for theirselves because of how holy they are, the tremendous pride, and massive egos - but real love for God and his creations, maybe more people would be inclined to attempt to find Christ. Anyone can ask Christ into their heart. He IS love. So when you are condemning others - you are very far from him.

The fact remains that God reserves the right to make the rules about our sexuality. Those rules are for our provision and our protection.

Degenerate sexuality carries a high risk of a practitioner being demonized through it and the more extreme rebellion against God, as regards to His rules on sex, the higher the chance. The missionaries have long reported observing those among the native populations of Africa and S. America who were demonized through the practice of bestiality. Those affected by a form of sexual depravity become obsessed and made miserable by the obsession. Alcohol and drug abuse usually accompany sexual perversions because they help to dull the pain of the dark spiritual malaise that results.

Sexual sin is the first line of attack for Satan. The only sexual expression of which God approves, is between one man and one woman, in marriage. Why else do you think that Balaam was unable to curse the Israelites until they started committing sexual sin with the Moabite women? Why did the Israelite men run after the Moabite women? Because the Moabites undoubtedly included much depravity in their sexual practices.

It is a strong temptation-especially for men.

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At first, it attracts them out of curiosity and then they are attracted to the novelty and eventually it becomes an obsession. If one studies various pagan texts that have come to light particularly from the Middle Eastern pagan cultures such as those in ancient Canaanit seems that sexual depravity, of one sort or another, was more common than what we think of as normal sex.

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The ancient Greeks and Romans even remarked on the shocking sexual habits of Middle Eastern pagans when they conquered that area.

I am at a loss for words. Oh, I wonder, what kind of fear has been put into you that you have internalized such absurd concepts. Is this possible in the XXI centuryafter all the great thinkers and incredibly clairvoyant philosophers society has produced? What freaking medieval rock did you all crawl out from under!?

Talking about immorality.

I come from a Christian family and society and my career is focused on the study of the arabic language and culture and the muslim religion. Still, I cannot for the life of me understand some of the attitudes and comments I have come across with while surfing this site. This is about being fearless, logical, analytic. My imaginary prayers are with you.

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it is disgusting to think that some people want to have sex with their pets! cant understand this why they do this. My college told me about this animal site because I have cared for sick dogs for as long as I remember been a dog activist for life and at first,I did not believe there was suck a site.

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and OMG I saw it a while ago. I thew up and have been throwing up since. geezas these people are sick sick sick. holy crap I feel sick to my stomach. Saying a Christian cannot judge an act to be wrong because we are judging other people is moral relativist crap.

The latest tweets from @girlsjerkoff 31/05/  Live Nude Girls May 31, , PM During a pre-wedding bachelorette slumber party, a group of young women share secrets and talk about life, love and sex, sex, sex 26/03/  Hundreds of Norwegians have sex with animals. After 28 years of free flow, sex with animals was re-banned in Norway in The Journal has found evidence of widespread zoofili. Dogs are normally very kind to man. Some people sexually abuse such pets. 7th of October , a police officer was called to stop a man who had sex with a horse

It says nothing can be wrong or thought to be a sin because because thats judgement of another. this tactic is commonly used today to defend the indefensible, a tactic used by satan himself. God help us. I believe you are right. The Bible says. and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? how much more things that pertain to this life? Some things need to be judged and spoken about.

Other things are best left alone. We just need the wisdom to know the difference.

We have the word of God to guide us, which gives us His judgments. When people use their own moral compass to guide themselves you find them doing stuff like this.

and too happens:)

Nar du forst er i gang med a demonisera. Sleipner batane til HSD ma du ta med i tilbedinga di. Alvorlig talt ville du ha blitt hugsa for bokene du skreiv eller olje platforma som krevde liv vist ditt navn var Aleksander Kjelland?

At me er blit meir til a tru pa dei eldgamle gudane pga namn pa olje felt som gulfaks, ekofisk, statfjord og troll er meg ein uforstaelig pastand uten dekning i roynda.

thought differently

Siden avkristninga tok til pa tallet og fekk ekstra forsterkning pa tallet med likestillings lovene egil arvik : VI GJEMMER OSS PA BEDHUSENE. Nar det gjeld sex med dyr sa har dette v?rt dekka av dyrefvelferds lova paragraf 2.

Om at dyr skal ha det vel. Men enkelte ma vel ha det inn med teskjei at det har det ikkje betyr at det er lov a gje seg i kast med dyra sexsuelt. Skulle tru at ein artikkelforfatter med ditt kaliber hadde underbygd meir pastander med fakta enn det eg har sett i av artiklar fra deg her. I am just as sick of thinking any human could be so demonic as to have sex with animals.

good interlocutors

and LIKE many people they throw the same response back at people that do those things withjudge not attitude. BUT, the truth is G-d gives so many beautiful scripture to use for those they see involved with demonic ways.

Those very scriptures tell us all what is sin and what to turn away from. First secon third and forth Timothy gives us a way to reach out to sinners.

not to make them feel bad but to help them see the wrong. Romans one and all the chapters thru Romans tells us who will and wont enter heaven. So, G-d gave us a Choice and love to show us the way to HIMand the more we draw near to HIM, He draws near to Us.

How can anyone not love the Word of G-d is beyond me, but G-d did warn us of people that think they can serve Two Masters but cannot. No one is perfect but when so many in apostasy want a feel good gospel or nothing, is choosing the way to be left behind.

and like scriptures says, unrepentant sins is unforgiven sin, we are to love the L-rd our G-d with all of our heart and souls, which to me is so precious that HE gave us a way to be remembered forever.

understand this question

G-d bless all who love and serve HIM and reach out to the lost, as G-d wants no one to perish, but it will be their choice. so pray for them and reach out in love as well.

love and blessings to this web who gave all a place to find the truth. For from which time the fathers fell asleep, all things remain so from the beginning of creation. For this is hidden from them by their willing it so, that heavens were of old, and earth by water, and through water, having subsisted by the Word of God, through which the world which then was, being flooded by water, perished.

But the heavens and the earth now, having been stored up by the same Word, are being kept for fire to a day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men. Every word and work of man will be judged by Jesus Christ the Judge of all he earth, excepting those things truly repented of. You are commenting using your WordPress. com account. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Dogs are normally very kind to man. Some people sexually abuse such pets.

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This was the findings in the report: 1. The police and FIA do not have enough knowledge about the topic. The animal health authority in not educated in how to disclose sexual abuse of animals.

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They secretly entered into the online forums who promotes sex between men and animals: February The journal makes a profile on an online dating site for people who prefer sex with animals. Another person in the online society offers his dog for a small commission.

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These sites has not disappeared after the law was changes in Soure: University of Oslo My comment: After seeing two woman sexually abusing this dog, this verse from the Bible makes perfectly sense: Revelation Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. From onwards, Norway honored their old pagan "gods" for her new oil riches.

This gas field is found in the North Sea. The Norwegian law against sodomy was removed 21st of April Written by Ivar. Rate this:.

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Share this: Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Dear Kay. I have removed the picture that was a little bit to graphic. The human was subjected to what the dog was doing, not the other way around.

Sonyeo, Your demonic and depraved ideas about how animals should be treated amounts to nothing more than sheer evil and abuse. Does not the bible say in the Book of Matthew: 1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. I worry that your ability to use the Bible as hate speech is DEMONIC. Everyone please pray for the webmaster of this site to repent.

Norway girls kissing

With Love, gn. My, my sonyeo. Why does it bother you so much if we have opinions about how evil bestiality is? Hey Sonyeo, so when are you and the lucky dog getting hitched?! Hi Dean, I believe you are right. The Bible says, Mat Judge not, that ye be not judged. Her dress is SO scandalous and I love it. Breanna Gray, who had no underlying health conditions, was sending Snapchat messages from her hospital bed days before she died from COVID Hurricane Larry, which is growing in the central Atlantic and could reach Category 4 strength Saturday, could hit Bermuda and, possibly, Newfoundland.

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