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To be photographed required sitting very still. The women featured in Goldman's collection obviously caught his eye.

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Not just anyone is asked to be the subject of artistic documentation. The local photographer and his anonymous muses appear to straddle an artful titillation, at times striving toward Degas nudes and at another, more in the spirit of a strip and tease.

There is a beauty in even the most mundane moments. Among Goldman's models, my own gaze zeroed in on the striped stockings and darker shades of their risque brassieres. These ladies of Reading, Pennsylvania, might not have had the wealth of Madame du Barry, celebrated mistress of Louis XV of France, or the fame and freedom of a silver-screen sex goddess such as Mae West.

But they sought to elevate their circumstances, to feel lovelier and more fashionable, with a daring pair of knickers.

To feel special is fundamental to the human condition. Few opportunities outshine a sense of specialness than when an artist asks to record your looks, your beauty. Under the right circumstances, to be the object of admiration - of desire - to be what is essentially objectified is not only flattering.

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It can also provide a shot of confidence and a sense of strength and power and even liberation, however lasting or fleeting.

For these working girls who were already going against the drudgery of toiling in a factory or as a domestic, who were surviving in a patriarchal world by their wits and sexuality, the opportunity to sit for Goldman was very likely not only thrilling.

It was also empowering.

Bonnie, a single mother of three, has been working in Denmark's legal sex trade since she was 18 years old. Four days a week, Bonnie sees clients from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., when she leaves to pick up

One can only imagine the mutual giddiness prevailing among them all, too, at the possible outcome from all these lost afternoon shoots. In a singular image from this collection appears Goldman striking a pose as proud as a peacock. It's one of stock masculinity in the canons of classic portraiture though usually in military uniformand like his muses, presented in all his naked glory.

By sharing in the objectivity of the process, Goldman basks in the specialness his models must have felt.

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By stepping around the lens, he becomes a true confidante. Four days a week, Bonnie sees clients from 9 a. In her small town in Sealand, Denmark, everybody knows who she is - and what she does.

Photojournalist Marie Hald documented Bonnie, then 39, for two years, taking photos as she saw clients or spent time with her children. For Hald, it was a mission to portray the whole story of making a living in the sex industry, and not just part.

Hald became interested in telling the story of a sex worker after an experience that hit close to home: She was living in a trendy neighborhood in Copenhagen when she discovered that her downstairs neighbor was running a small brothel out of her apartment. Her neighbor didn't exactly fit the stereotype. She found Bonnie through the industry network, and Bonnie agreed to let her document her life.

Inthe Nordic nation considered reinstating a ban on the purchase of sex, though lawmakers eventually voted it down. According to a U. Department of State reportthere were an estimated 5, legal sex workers in Denmark.

Over the years, Hald slowly moved from the role of photographer to friend. Sometimes, she would help Bonnie clean the apartment between clients, getting ready for the next visitor. Click through to see the powerful images of everyday life as a legal sex worker.

Norweign teen whores

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