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young man bathing baby son while daughter watches in kitchen - little girl no clothes stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. girls and boys flirting on a yacht Here are some of the weirdest and most terrifying puberty customs from around the world: 1. Boys of the Etoro tribe of Papua New Guinea drink their elders' sperm to young tanned mixed-race girl practicing fitness on the beach - young girl breasts stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images In Cameroon, there is a tradition of

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kids - world-beauty. Under the puberty custom of the Louiseno Indian tribe, young boys have to undergo a painful rite of lying on a bed of red ants.

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During this vile procedure, these young boys are recognized as men only if they do not express their pain or burn in misery. Considered as one of the most painful rites in the world, Australian Aboriginal boys, on reaching puberty have to get their penises pierced at the base.

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This is done to practice the birth control ritual in the tribe. After the procedure, it makes it difficult for the male to procreate without anyone's assistance.

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Boys of the Amazon's Satere-Mawe tribe, on coming of age have to ritually wear gloves full of bullet ants to prove their power of masculinity to the tribe. Participants may experience partial paralysis and numbness. But the rite isn't over there.

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Boys have to go through the ordeal at least 20 times over a period of months or even years. Boys in the highlands of Papua New Guinea have to undergo a blood filtration rite under the tribe's puberty laws and customs.

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This is done to separate their blood from their mother's blood and includes blood drainage through atrocious methods like shoving canes through their throats or putting reeds up their nostrils. In Bali, Indonesia all the adolescent girls and boys have to necessarily get their upper canines filled even with the upper incisors. This is performed as a purification rite because teeth in Bali are considered as a strong sign of evil, lust, anger and greed.

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In Paraguay and Brazil, girls who come of age have to get extensive tattoos on their bodies mainly on their stomachs, breasts and backs. This painful procedure is not considered as a form of physical suffering but rather a sign of sexual attractiveness in women. One of the most peculiar traditions of all, boys of South Pacific Vanatu on reaching puberty have to pass an extremely reckless test of masculinity. They are stripped naked and pushed off a ft tall wall, their safety secured only with a vine.

Category:Florida Young Naturists. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Media in category "Florida Young Naturists" Nudism video (family naturism) - Junior miss pageant France. France nudist pageant, beauty pageants, nudist pageant video, teen girls nudists video, andalgalaesnoticia.comit naked young women standing by shutter - pubic hair young women stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. pope callixtus was a barber of woman's sine qua non -

Talk about taking the leap into manhood. Boys of Algonquin Indian Tribe on coming of age are caught in a cage and are intoxicated using hallucinogens and a dangerous drug called wysoccan.

All this is done to blow away the memories of childhood and the child-like innocence from the boy and also to ensure his masculine prowess. Here are some of the weirdest and most terrifying puberty customs from around the world: 1.

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Boys of the Etoro tribe of Papua New Guinea drink their elders' sperm to achieve manhood. Source: youtube 2. Girls in Somalia and Egypt face clitoral mutilation.

Source: sites 3. Under the Menses Rites of Uaupes, girls have to undergo rigorous beating sessions.

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Source: ibtimes 4. In the Barabaig Culture of East Africa, boys get their faces scarred.

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