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She is just doing what many do. Met her at the ATL bowling thing was that last year when it flooded there? not a rumor. She did my NFL cousin and noshade I did someone that night too! They was looking good. Can you blame us? I was thinking the same thing. M therfuckers Y'all don't understand a sista was going to hit "F5" ONE more time, then I was going to shut down and reboot SANDRA "And to think I once thought Necole was doable.

I SUPPORT THIS! Leap No I do understand girl that why I'm over here crying and laughing I bet you had a million questions in your head like WTF is wrong. My self esteem is stupid in case y'all aint noticed and I want some tatas too so I dont know Sandra. They was gon have me goin through withdrawal at my desk!!!

Think, that necole bitchie naked apologise, but, opinion

I have never done hoshyt I need to catch up the most hoshyt I ever did was go to walmart with no panties on. Kanye shrugs I had jogging pants on so that might not count But I have never met anyone and bone them and I was up close and personal with 50 and still my ho gene didn't kick in Hey some women ho and some women watch I just watch not bashing but if he will sponsor me I just might OTB " I did someone that night too!

can you elaborate? OTB You called her a groupie becuz she slept with a baller but then you admit that you slept with one that night also so are you considered a groupie? And the damn page 1 and 2 sitting right there in my face I'm such a dumb azz sometimes Oh well When did you get out [the kona]? I must have missed that [while I was trying to see where all the comments went] and how old is this cousin of yours My self esteem is too, but I want smaller boobs.

Soooo, what does that make me Sandra? Leap Don't worry about it honey I have called myself dummy plenty of times I do have my moments I swear I do I didnt call her a groupie cause she slept with A baller.

Please point me to that post so I can clarify Groupie was my choice of words but maybe I meant opportunist.? and No, not a groupie see, I make enough where I can pretty much do what they can do for me so no need I just like to :hump And it wasnt a baller MIRS MOMMY " but I want smaller boobs.

agree, excellent idea

Lord why am I just NOW catching on to the SPONSOR meaning. I was like huh. I've never had a one night stand but somethings I've done I would label them as whoreish or maybe I HAD whoreish ways. Every year, I tell myself that I am going to have me a hoe phase, that I deserve it long as I am safe about it, and don't hurt nobody why not?

Then, I always mess up and fall in love I shoulda known you was gon "booooo" me. Lemme strap these big bishes on ya back, and you'll wanna reduction too.

Its not so exciting. I'm not a drinker and I was drinking the beautiful guy who dumped me for some chick at South Atlanta is my FB friend and well, we kinda ran into each other that dont happen to y'all? mirs Smaller? Unless you're a DDD I can't see someone going smaller. I'm a B cup and hate it! OTB Girl a lot has happened to me no biggie on what you did trust when I'm in control of what I'm doing I feel empowered not a hoe by any stretch of the definition but I can be a FREAK! You can have these bishes.

Cuz I can't take it. That's about where I'm at, but I have a samll frame, and my back and shoulders ache. I don't think Necole looks like a tranny or old or unfortunate. I think she's a cute brown skinned girl with a severe lack of self esteem. Once you start cutting on yourself and rearranging what God gave you, you lose. I how you say whats on your mind and your self-esteem is stupid!!!! You make me smile everyday!!! OUTSIDE THE BOX "Its not so exciting.

Mirs Oh ok. If you're hurting then go for it. I don't want you tipping over from them. leapyearpisces no that don't count you knew him you was just showing him what he was missing meowwww. Leap Girl I will warn you about nearing 40 you best have you some regular c o c k around or your kitty will drive you MAD! for the women wanting boobs, take some of mine, PUH-LEAZE.

these sistas won't stop growing.

for that

I'm like what's really going? I dont know why but that cracked me up. She mustve had yo' ass whooped!

  Why Necole Bitchie Walked Away At The Height of Her Blogging Career 07/14/ pm ET ated Dec 06, Thursday, July 2, , Necole Kane (famously known Author: Saba Tekle shaun necole (47 results) shaun necole. (47 results) p. Party Over Here - Booty Shaking Pussy Lick Car Show Mix by DJ Booty O's. 4 min. p 4 min Gulf-Video - k Views -. p. Glamorous natural redhead babe and her BFFs stripping   Thursday, September 15, The blog world is buzzing about blogger Necole Bitchie's Come To Jesus moment in a tear-soaked video posted on her channel on Wednesday. Last year, Necole shocked millions of readers by announcing she was shuttering her wildly popular gossip blog Nearly a year later, Necole is flat broke and nearly homeless

maybe I was a lil harsh on Necole. Y'all making me rethink my position but I tell you I was severly disappointed when I saw her offline, but apologies to her. Im probably not her cup of tea either fans myseklf Except for that one night after the Webbie concert and all I have to say is this Flo, check to see if two of your homegirls wanna "test" the curiousity.

Sugar And why are you so quiet today? leap haha. nah Since you're 34 don't do young girl ho shiat. I started late being what I consider "wild" my friends called me lame but I think I did pretty good. That was in my 20s though. Once I my late 20s I was a real lame.

I was told that once you turn 30 things change. That's so true for me. But I thoroughly enjoyed my wild days. Never was a smoker weed or cigs and the only thing I can drink and keep down are wine coolers and Amaretto Sours.

  Necole Kane's online destination,, is a newly defined platform for young women to share their personal stories, indulge in career, beauty and relationship Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins Angela Yee, Necole Bitchie, Bridget Kelly, and Nicole Russell attend the xoNecole Launch Event at Hudson Terrace on September 23 in New York City. Yandy In fact there are more movies where she has gotten naked then movies where she hasn't. We've collected all of Ms Kidman's nude movie scenes in a nice little gallery for your viewing pleasure. This includes pics from shows like Malice, Cold Mountain, Billy Bathgate, Bangkok Hilton, Windrider, Dead Calm, Birthday Girl, The Portrait of a Lady and Eyes Wide Shut

OUTSIDE THE BOX "I dont know why but that cracked me up. Let me put it like this, has a body that would put all these video hoez out of business. They would have to start a car wash or something.

tall, coolie looking and everything. Well me and the twins, were at the Macdonalds in the Walmart I saw him looking at me when we were in the line, well he must have followed me, because when the cashier rung up the food homeboy pulled out the money so I thought that was very nice so we got to chit chatting y'all homeboy was 21!

He thought I was his age Here's the funny part, well I said bump it, I was going to try to get my cougar on, because he seemed like a cool dude, he was cute.

conversation was a little elementary, but I said I would open up my horizons LOL and as I said he was cute as I don't know what and he had just inherited some money from an insurance settlement.

It all went down hill one nite when we were talking and I said so what do you want to do with future [he was working for the DOT] and what he wanted to be and he said "a rapper" don't get it twisted. aint nothing wrong with having dreams but I am too old to go down that route Sandra, why are the comments split?

Nicole Kidman Is Still Doing Nude Scenes At Years-Old. Actress Nicole Kidman performs in her latest nude scene in the video below from her new miniseries "Nine Perfect Strangers". Nicole Kidman must be in her mid to late 70's by now, so one would think that her geriatric jugs and decrepit derriere would be put out to pasture   FanMAIL: Did Necole Bitchie Upgrade Her Boobs for Michael Kyser? Thursday, May 20, Necole Stans, please take all complaints to the source: Gossip Jacker. Posted in Health, Photo of the Day. Tags: blogger, breast augmentation, breast implants, female narcissist, Michael Kyser, necole bitchie Angela Yee, Necole Bitchie, Bridget Kelly, and Nicole Russell attend the xoNecole Launch Event at Hudson Terrace on September 23 in New York City. Yandy Smith-Harris, Necole Bitchie, and Marlo Hampton attend the xoNecole Launch Event at Hudson Terrace on September 23 in New York City

I saw where you posted that we broke the comment section of that other post but I thought you were joking. PRINCESS SMARTY PANTS " fans myseklf Except for that one night after the Webbie concert and all I have to say is this. The secretary is sick so I'm doing all the running around, talking to people that I want to cuss out when I hear they stupid azz questions. Leaps story At least he didn't say the hype man. I've heard that before. Strike comment from the record! I just google'd pics of that flood thing.

I stand firm. Not my cup of tea. That's true. Your sexual appetite horniness goes into overdrive after you turn It's both a gift and a curse. I thought I was gettin rid of them twin heffas for good, when I had the reduction years ago. But come to find out, them bishes only went on a medical leave.

  Nude and Porn Leaks from Onlyfans, Patreon, Manyvids,, etc. Hot regular babes and popular celebrities are naked here! A lot of videos too Erica Vain caught up with Tastemaker, Jetsetter and Blogging Queen Necole Bitchie in DC at Fathom Creative. There she was hosting an intimate event sponsored   Necole Bitchie is a dumb bytch! I can't stand that blogger, Necole Bitchie with her tryfling azz! Her boss happens to be Russell Simmons, you know, the guy who pumps high priced prepaid credit cards to the black community to rob you. I am sure hes robbing that broke down bytch, too (I had one when they first came out just to be cool, but TRUST

Came right back on me. Leap If you are not trying to get married chile I would've bagged that 21 y o so quick they may have put a warrant out for me it's not easy dating a younger man becuz I know I have to educate my man to get on my level but all in all when I look at the big picture what female doesn't regardless of a man's age!

crzas, that's prob because most of my pics started at the neck up. and if they didn't, I had on a loose shirt. My fiancee always says, "you're tits look swole. big everything runs in my fam though, i've been lucky so far.

  [CentricTV] Necole Bitchie Opens Up On Pain, Success & New Beginnings. Last week, I sat down with editor Gerren Keith Gannor to talk about my start in   Nice detective work by Necole Bitchie who was able to find the origin of the Skylar Diggins look a like (see the pic alleged naked pic here). She is your average every day amateur porn star. No name (I am sure she will be trying to get her 15 minutes of fame soon enough) just a girl who ended up on this NSFW site. Once again this sums up my original point that it doesn't matter if it is   Thursday, September 15, The blog world is buzzing about blogger Necole Bitchie's Come To Jesus moment in a tear-soaked video posted on her channel

I have found that the young ones dont like the women their age! What is with that?!?! It pisses me off to no end when they roll up on you all of 6 feet everything and be like Sandra To me it's a curse when I can't get any or don't have a regular one-I was single in my early thirties I'm so glad things turned out the way they did in my early 30's I could a loonnnng time without sex leap at least he wasnt forty with gimmick and shouting across a restaurant.

what movie was that Krysi? But real talk, my friends that are in their forties and my aunts are like what I am telling OTB she is scaring me of some of my cousins were some of the most conservative things, and now its like they are girls gone wild they are like rabbits!!!

OTB Yeah I think that's true but I also think younger girls go for older guyz so I guess it all round itself out. In my webbie voice sorry that's my shyt. Deeeeeaaad yall azzez the is hella full!!!!! LMAO Leap You having another blonde moment aren't you. PRINCESS "that is NOT a story to be told while the sun is still shining nor a work comoputer. Well, did it involve a lot of girl-on-girl action then?

Ya'll r to funny!

Necole bitchie naked

I wish I could of had a h. period in my 20's but sadly I decided to settle down early in life. While all of my friends were having all that h. I looked down on them for so long, now I look up to them because they got to do something I was scared to do That's cruel.

That's so true. I had to tell mine something was offensive the other day. He was looking dumbfounded as hell. He thinks I'm a smarty pants when I correct him but I can't deal with ignorance especially in public. Cheating only counts if it is both physical and emotional. I that ninja he like a smidgeon under Jeezy. I would cheat on Jeezy with Webbie, but he couldnt have me.

I wouldnt give him no head tho Jeezy. I promise baby. at hoeing over the innanet! What are you talking about girl?!? LOL, first of all I was already apprehensive when he said he was 21, but that child hurt my feelings so bad when he talking about he wants to be a rapper I knew I had to let it go I wanted to kick him in his throat for even stepping to me Yes, these youngins be looking all tall and lean and stuff and like grown men and then going to say: "Yo, shawty what highschool you go to?

I agree Choco. I have always went older. When a dude is my age I think I can tell him what to do and we all know that aint gonna work. Leap Why do you keep calling me OTB I swear to you I have tears in my eyes you are sooo confused today.

Read this necole bitchie naked have

OTB See Ma so when you are older you can catch them youngins. at what high school you go to. I will be ig-nant as hail on this here web and at home but I'll be dam. ned if we go be in public like that Princess No maaamn I need a cock around for a threesome I will have an attitude if I can't get rammed a broad can not put her back into like a man can chase isnt it easier for you now becasue you dont have to worry about the man passing judgement?

Am I looking at it backwards? I don't do all my hoshyt 'cause I don't want anybody to tell or be looking at me sideways when we get up.

Ninja what?!?!

And you short too?!?! I bet they be so confused. Bish you should walk around with a disclaimer I am not a child!

sorry, that interrupt

What is worse. people who get plastic surgery in their face, seem to take on the same look. IT's a look that I can't quite describe.

I think it's God's way of saying "MAN can't do GOD" the gift of unique and indivisualaity is lost at the hands of MAN who try and do what God does. Wait that's NOT the ho shiat I was talking about. I'm out of this conversation before I even got in. How was it? I think its a powerful thing to be in full control of your sex life and to own it, IMO.

I agree I plead the 5th on hoe. And why not get you some videos and do a little sex ed for yourself? Then throw it on him like it was his idea of course! Ummmmm yeah I had my hoe-era NO kids no man it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Never a threesome tho always wanted too!!! its too much to handle!!! Nichelle STOP THE HOSHYT-Thinking I know it just happened isn't a valid excuse but it really did. It all started in the VIP booth we had so I could see the damn stage Loves Webbie and we were all flirting and getting tipsy She ended up in my lap at the damn party, the other girl was her girlfriend, I had on a short silk dress and four inch heels, it was some bumping and grinding and the cab ride home didn't help, we were all chemically enhanced they took it from me on my kitchen floor.

ned if we go be in public like that" OTB. GG What is worse. I noticed this on True Life the other day. The girl got a nose job and I swear it looked worse AFTER the surgery.

She had a beak!! I know right? and he was sooo doooable that's one thing that I hate about myself, while i am very fun and I am adventurous when it comes to sex, I am not like that I am not spontaneous or adventurous at all I think i still have that "southern belle" approach to it, like i am no prude, but I find it hard to just "do it" just to be "doing it" and I figured since I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere why waste the mileage on my body I commend women who do them, I am just not at that point yet, I am still in that mode where once I give you some you are already or going to be my boyfriend if not, you can't get any I know so highschool Bish thats enough!!!!

That's a beautiful story! So I guess a threesome with your ol man isn't out of the question than right? Not high school-ish at all Leap. That is your form of "owning" it IMO! No apologies necessary for that. With your man is much more exciting! I thought I was talking to you AND OTB in my posts look hell, eff it this whole having to click pages, done got me twisted and ish I think i need some aderol [sp?

ms truth Socially bisexual LOL I have girl crushes all the time. but I don't really wanna BE with a woman if that makes sense. DC WIFE "With your man is much more exciting! I for one needed a title when I was single. I know it didn't really mean anything per se but I still wanted it. You are crazy as hell!!! I knew you was gon ask. Actually one of the stories is with someone I met on a message board that flew to Chicago just for that purpose.

SANGRIA " Princessgreat story!!! I CAN TELL! Uhh dcwife So YOU are from the Chi because I am Also You're on Twitter Right? Man Comment ok crzas. i have a crashed gateway and dead blackberry.

excellent answer excellent

I'm struggling right now. Sound like you wouldn't be against the idea!

are not right

All girls have "girl crushes. Go on and get your on one good time! I am a loving and kind person. Just a freak though If you ever in Louisiana If you ever in Louisiana.

Sorry, not necole bitchie naked thanks

When I am with my man [when I have one] anything goes! I feel more comfortable. I feel more free I have to have that trust before I become completeley unhibited if I don't know exactly where I stand with you and if I am not completley emotionally into you its just going through the motions for me I need that security in a relationship to sexually be free to me sex is JUST SO PERSONAL!

pity, that now

As contradictory as this statement my sound, I rather give a speech butt naked in a room full of people that I don't know than to engage in sex with someone I know a little OTB and Princess you are both right!

I tell him that all the time but to no avail I will mention to him how long its been that I've had the big O, or how I am going to buy me a s. x toy and all he does is laugh The last time he heard me say I'm coming was in sometime and he seems not to care as long as he bust one I'm not a sexual person who craves sex so I just procrastinate when it comes to try and please myself.

I thought it was because I was over weight but I lost the weight and still nothing! I tell him that all the time but to no avail.

have passed

You've never had an O? Have you ever had the urge to murder random people or anything? He hasn't made you cum in a decade? It would be war with me!!!! Do you use your toy right in front of him while he is watching TV? I ain't goin lie, sometimes a nicca just gotta bust one and you on your own to get yours.

That's every once in a while. Right before work and chit. Chase, you need to have a heart to heart talk with him and let him know he's not doing his job. Sex isn't supposed to be one-sided.

the valuable

nope not since around or maybe even b4 that I can't remember I don't have a toy yet but I want to get one but just been chicken to get it. I am the biggest prude, thanks to my mom brainwashing me when I was younger CINNAMON KISSES "My girl crushes.

Excellent choice I can't endorse Trina! So have you partaken of the female delicacy yet?

Message, necole bitchie naked for

Girl, you gotta move on from that, and go get yoself a toy. They're fun. Hell, I have fun with them by myself, and sometimes Hubby helps use them on me.

consider, that you

ummmmm yea me and him woulda had PROBLEMS. I highly recommend toys they are fun and they can make you happy. I would break you of that prudeness quickly take you to a toy store and tell you which ones are good and which ones are a waste of your money. no not yet I've kissed a couple girls under the influence of alcohol patron will make you do some shyt I have been asked to join but not thus far.

It is still on my bucket list tho. I am the biggest prude, thanks to my mom brainwashing me when I was younger. getting the goods on lady loving. Mash-Up Monday Best of Redheads Vol. Pt2 shaun 2 min. Fun wit shaun 2 min.

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn (Official Video)

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